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Charmin Ultra Soft Family

"Sometimes I like to treat myself and my family to life's little pleasures. Why not, we all deserve a little pampering! Take using the bathroom for example: we all do it every day, so I like to add little touches to make it more enjoyable. Soft fluffy towels, a little scented soap, and of course, cushiony soft toilet paper like Charmin Ultra Soft."

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Charmin Ultra Strong Family

"Keeping a busy family on track can take a sense of humor. Keeping them clean… well that’s another story. That’s why I use products that I can rely on. When my cubs use the bathroom, they need to get clean or I’ll see it in the laundry later! I need a toilet paper that cleans better, and Charmin Ultra Strong does just that!"

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Charmin Basic Family

"I want to give my hubs and cubs the best. Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Nobody wants to be stranded in the bathroom with toilet paper that falls apart, do they? But why spend a lot doing so if you don't have to? Charmin Basic gives me softness, strength, and value rolled into one! What momma wouldn’t want that?"

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