Bathroom Decor for the Ultimate Man Cave

Man cave bathroom decor ideas
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Sometimes a man just needs to feel like a man, right? To close the door, forget his worries, sit on his throne, and be the king of his castle. That’s why man caves have existed since…well…cavemen. But in our modern world with our stylish apartments or overrun houses, where does one find some solid man cave ideas to create the true man cave experience?

How about using the one room that has a built-in privacy factor? Yeah, ya know which room we’re talking about. We’ve got some fun, simple bathroom decorating ideas that will definitely make you feel like retreating to your man cave a little more often.

Man cave bathroom Sign

3 Fun Hacks for a More Enjoyable - and Manly - Go:

1. Macho Décor Hacks.
Are the kids a little bit older? Maybe it’s time to steal one of their bathrooms. Rip down those fishies, or princesses, or whatever kiddie bathroom decorations were on those walls, and stake your claim. Sports man cave ideas are always a strong place to start. A simple thing like sports-related wall paper or some rock n’ roll decals will make all the difference as you go, if you know what we mean. Or maybe you want to take the man cave bathroom wall décor more literally: consider stone and brick faux wall panels or an actual stone wall finish.

2. Jam Out On Your Throne.
One of the easier cheap man cave ideas for the next time you want to rock out while on the john - just wipe the sink dry, pick your favorite playlist or radio app and then place your phone in the sink. A dry sink makes a rockin’ amplifier!

3. Bathroom Décor for Nighttime Jaunts.
What are some cool man cave ideas to help you rock out, or feel like you’re going clubbing while you’re—ahem—going? A glow-in-the-dark toilet seat (yeah, they make those). And, hey, you can throw in some glow-in-the-dark stars to make you feel like you’re out camping, perhaps. Fun aside, all this glow will sure come in handy next time you stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night. That and durable, high-quality toilet paper, which you know will do the job (no need to turn on the light and check). So you may also want to stock up on Charmin Ultra Strong toilet paper before dusk!

We’ve got a bunch of other cool bathroom decorating tips- check ‘em out for ideas on how to spruce up your man cave. Most important thing to remember: it’s your cave, change up whatever you don’t like (buh-bye fluffy toilet seat cover… unless you do like that sort of thing… hey, comfort can be manly too—your call!).