Suffering return-to-office poop anxiety?

Leonard bear holding up long sheet of toilet paper with "Can't Talk Now" written across it
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Working from home came with the comforts of taking care of your ‘business’ from home. And now that many of us are spending time back in the office…the thought of pooping around co-workers has us clenching in fear. Well, it’s time to shake the shame of an office poop. We all gotta go so we might as well Enjoy The Go! Your parcopresis (aka the fear of pooping in public) is very real but thankfully curable. So, we’ve compiled our top 6 tricks to beat stage fright and have a better bathroom experience at work.

Molly bear wearing headphones

1. Mask your business with music.

An audience is the last thing you want when you hit the stalls. So, to disguise any undesirable noises, let the sweet sounds of our toilet tunes help relax and relieve you.

Leonard bear holding up Mega Ultra Strong and Ultra Soft packs


This one is our favorite…bring your own Charmin! That way you’ll have the soft cushiony comforts of home with you at the office and you’ll carry that pride of clean feeling all day long… and we know for certain it’s better than the 1-ply they’re rolling in the stalls!

Amy bear peeking out from elevator door

3. Sneak to another floor

Communal pooping isn’t for everyone. Get a little privacy from your coworkers by heading a few levels up so you can poop in peace.

Excited Bill bear with poop emojis and words "Just pooped!" in speech bubble above his head

4. Potty Talk

It’s safe to say we’re VERY comfortable talking poop at Charmin HQ. The more we talk about it the more we normalize it. So up the potty talk around your colleagues and beat the taboo around the loo.

Bear hand holding down toilet handle to flush toilet

5. Skip the stink

Bodily functions and smells tend to go hand in hand. It’s only natural. BUTT you can invest in a discreet air freshener to help cover up your business so you can get back to business.

Dylan bear proudly standing on toilet seat with arms up

6. Ease the experience

So you’re not clogged up before jumping on a call, try a soothing peppermint tea. It’s great for relaxing your bowels and helping with smooth moves.

Hopefully these tips will help you Enjoy The Go a little more when you’re at the office and away from your personal porcelain throne. Got any tricks of your own? Leave them in the comments below!