Halloween Costumes and Crafts all with Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls painted and decorated as Halloween characters
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Spooky season is upon us, and we’ve got your #1 and #2 craft activities set for Halloween. Grab your Charmin Toilet Paper rolls and see why Charmin’s great for your bum and a boo!

How to Make a Mummy Costume Out of Toilet Paper

Of course, we’ll be dressing up as the Charmin bears for Halloween but we have something else in store for you…get ready to mummify yourself with the help of a little Charmin!

What you’ll need:

• A roll of Charmin Toilet Paper
• Black tights and turtleneck
• Tape


1. Dress in your black tights and turtleneck.
2. Tape the end sheet of your Charmin Toilet Paper to your shirt at the waist then start wrapping around one of your legs in a downward motion and work your way back up. Secure with tape.
3. Repeat on your other leg.
4. Time for your torso! Tape the toilet paper to your waist and wrap around your stomach until you reach your armpits and back down. Secure with tape.
5. Wrap each arm from shoulder to wrist and back up again.
6. Cover any exposed areas with extra toilet paper and tape into place.
7. For your head, wrap around the top of your head (almost like a crown) then take it down under your jaw and back around (just make sure you can move your mouth).
8. Finish your mummification process by wrapping your hands, fingers, and the top of your shoes with toilet paper.
9. To up the spook- factor, add details like rips to give your bandages a ‘worn’ look.

Toilet Paper Roll Halloween Characters

We have your next crafternoon with the kids sorted with these adorable (and scarily easy-to-make) Halloween characters.

Black toilet paper roll laid out on crafts table next to paint palette

What you’ll need:

• 4 empty Charmin Toilet Paper rolls
• Paint – orange, bright green, skin color of your choice
• 2 sets of googly eyes
• Colored paper – red, green, black, white
• Glue

How to make a toilet paper roll Frankenstein:

1. Start by painting your roll green.
2. While that dries, cut two separate inch-long rectangles from black paper to form the mouth and eyebrows. Then glue into place.
3. Next, glue one set of your googly eyes just at the base of your Frankenstein eyebrows.
4. For his hair, you’ll cut another strip of black paper (be sure to measure so it fits around the top of your roll) about half an inch in width.
5. Cut zig-zag marks along the bottom side of the strip then glue around the top of your roll to form his hair.

Completed Frankenstein toilet paper roll

Get out your garlic and get crafting on your toilet paper roll vampire:

1. Paint the roll whatever color you’d like for the face.
2. Hold the roll vertically and glue the other set of googly eyes in place about a third of the way down.
3. For his hair, cut any shape you like from the black paper but include a peak that finishes just above the eyes.
4. For his mouth, draw a single line in the shape of a smile. Then, cut two small white triangles and glue them upside-down to form the fangs.
5. Cut a bow tie from the red paper and glue towards the bottom of the roll.
6. And finally, cut a large triangle (same length as roll from base to point) from red paper and glue into place at the back of the roll with the point finishing at the bottom.

Completed vampire toilet paper roll

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a bit of pumpkin spiciness so here’s how to make a toilet paper roll pumpkin:

1. To start, paint your roll orange and leave to dry.
2. For the eyes and nose, cut three even sized triangles out of black paper. Glue into place in the middle of the roll.
3. Cut your pumpkin mouth in the shape of your choosing and secure just below the nose
4. For the stem, cut from another toilet paper roll – roughly the shape of your thumb nail but a little larger – then glue it just inside the top of the roll so it pokes out.
5. For the leaf, cut a strip of green paper and curl with a pencil then glue next to the stem.

Completed pumpkin toilet paper roll

We want everyone to Enjoy The Go and have a better bathroom experience…but now you can experience it outside of the bathroom too! Show us your spooky creations online and tag us with @Charmin to give us a good scare.