Fun Toilet Paper Roll Art

Close-up of drawing on toilet paper with surrounding desk of craft supplies
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Mostly, toilet paper is there to help you “enjoy the go” and to keep you clean and fresh. However, some people have come up with clever ways to put toilet paper to use before even getting to the clean and fresh business! Here are a few ways to get creative with toilet paper crafts for kids.

1. Leave A Secret Note Behind
Some messages self-destruct, others go where nobody will ever find them. If you know who will be using the toilet paper roll right after you, why not write a sneaky love note or give them a clue about what you might like for your birthday? Craft with toilet paper rolls can be as crafty as you are. Just be sure to use a non-toxic, washable ink.

2. Unique Toilet Paper Roll Art
Don’t rule out wall art with toilet paper rolls. Attach your dispenser to a framed photo of a waterfall. Not only will the toilet paper roll art achieve a 3D waterfall effect, you’ll inspire rushing water thoughts in the minds of those with shy bladders.

3. Toilet Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids
Some crafts to do with toilet paper rolls can be eye catching. Literally. Googly eyes are always a fun addition and toilet paper art is no exception. Give your toilet paper roll a little personality by attaching googly eyes to the empty toilet paper roll. Fun toilet paper roll crafts for kids don’t have to be complicated. Googly eyes, markers and saved up empty toilet paper rolls can turn into a fun group of puppets with built in space for little hands.

Toilet Paper with drawn on eyeballs

4. Create Your Own Toilet Paper Origami
Some of the more serious art projects with toilet paper rolls can be seriously fun. There are a lot of resources out there for the fine art of toilet paper origami. Here are instructions on how to make a cute folded heart shape on the end of your toilet paper roll.


  1. Make a small vertical rip along the bottom edge of the toilet paper (approx 3/4 of an inch, or 2 cm).

  1. Fold up the ripped section of the toilet paper so you make 2 small triangles. Try to make these the same size and make sure the fold is at a 45 degree angle.

  1. Fold in the left and right corners of the toilet paper. Make these triangles the same size as the ones made in step.

Valley fold of toilet paper edge
  1. Pull down the toilet paper quite a bit (about one and a half "squares" of toilet paper).

  1. Valley fold the toilet paper back up so the height of the toilet paper is about 3 inches tall.

Mountain fold of toilet paper edge
  1. Mountain fold (fold behind) the bottom corners of the toilet paper to make the bottom part of the heart. This part is a bit tricky because you have to make the fold without disrupting the small triangles made in step 2 & 3.

Centered heart toilet paper design
  1. Roll the toilet paper up or down to center the heart on the toilet paper roll.

  1. Done!

Completed toilet paper heart design